Registration for vendors closes 8/1 and for athletes closes 8/4!

Greenville Convention Center 303 Greenville BLVD SW, Greenville, NC 27834
Carolina Fitness Festival

A Celebration of Natural Bodybuilding, Health, and Fitness!

Meet The Judges

Will Powell

Will Powell is our Head Judge for this event.  Will is a Natural Bodybuilding Pro, Reebok Crossfit Champion, and Certified Personal Trainer.  Will promotes the No Gear Classic in Greensboro NC, and the Carolina Classic in Lexington SC. 

Frank Meekins

 Frank Meekins is a retired Natural Bodybuilding Pro and Certified Personal Trainer.  Frank promotes the Catonsville Conquer  Pro/AM in Maryland, and the Big Apple Pro/AM in New York City. 

The Tina Johnson

Tina Johnson is a OCB Figure Pro,  Fitness Model and Certified Personal Trainer.  Tina is the Creative Director of the Beaumonde Fitness Agency. 

Crystal Woods

Crystal Woods is an OCB Bikini Pro and last year's Overall Bikini Winner.  Crystal is a Certified Personal Trainer.  She promotes the ANBF Master Nationals in Springfield, New Jersey. 

John Downey

John Downey is an OCB Bodybuilding Pro and last year's Overall Bodybuilding Winner.  John judges with several organizations. 

Jacquee and Magnum MCcrae

Jacquee is an OCB Figure Pro, and Magnum is an OCB Bodybuilding Pro. Jacquee and Magnum are promoting the inaugural Fayetteville Show this year in November. 

Meet The Promoter

PRO moter

Shar promoted the Inaugural Carolina Fitness Festival in August 2017. In September 2018, the inaugural Nashville Natural Open will be held in Tennessee. 

17 Shows All Top 4 Placements

Shar has held pro status in:

IFPA, NGA, ANBF, WNBF, OCB organizations. #natty 


Shar moved to Pitt County in Jan 2017. She's a small business owner, student, and Staff Sergeant in the Army National Guard. Shar serves as the Competition Chair for the Pitt County Special Olympics.