Welcome To the Festival


Join Us At The Greenville Convention Center

Our venue is located at 303 SW Greenville Blvd, Greenville NC 27834. The Convention Center hosts our Pirate Themed Festival Annually.  We have an open concept where spectators and vendors can interact during the show.  With a professional DJ, the celebration of health and fitness is non stop.  There is plenty of parking, and we are connected to the host hotel. Lastly, there are over 50 restaurants and 100 shopping opportunities within a 3 mile radius of the venue.

2019 Natural Bodybuilding Competition Information:



 The OCB is the largest drug tested amateur organization in the country! Athletes will compete in:

  • Bikini
  • Figure
  • Women's Physique
  • Men's Physique
  • Classic Physique 
  • Bodybuilding




Divisions of competition are the following: 

  • Physically Challenged: Athletes with a disability that limits physical functioning
  • Teen: Ages 16-19 
  • Debut: First Time Competitors 
  • Novice: Competitors who have not placed first in any show
  • Masters: Competitors ages 40 and up
  • Open: For OCB Pro qualification


Heroes and Scholars Cup


In addition to our OCB divisions, we offer the Hero and Scholars cup for athletes who serve our communities. 

  • Heroes:  Military, Veterans, Fire, Law Enforcement, Parole, Probation and Corrections Officers
  • Scholars: Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Volunteers, Artists, anyone who makes an intellectual or creative contributions to society




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Athlete Check in, Polygraph Exams, and Event Tanning services will be held at the host hotel on August 9th.

* Discounts will be made available to our Carolina Fitness Festival block users. 


Our event is hosted annual at 303 Greenville Blvd SW, Greenville NC 28734

For Hair, Makeup, and Tanning services. 

Polygraph Appointments


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The polygraph exam is required for all athletes.  In addition to polygraphs, all OCB Pro Card winners receive a urinalysis on site paid for by the event promoter. 

Please download the Banned Substance list from the downloads section.