Registration for vendors closes 8/1 and for athletes closes 8/4!

Greenville Convention Center 303 Greenville BLVD SW, Greenville, NC 27834
Carolina Fitness Festival

A Celebration of Natural Bodybuilding, Health, and Fitness!

Natural Bodybuilding Competition Show Information

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Contest Info:

The Organization of Competition Bodies is the sanctioning organization of this Natural Bodybuilding Competition.  OCB Membership is required to compete and is good for one year.  ALL Athletes undergo a polygraph exam.  Athletes who fail the polygraph will not be allowed to compete and will forfeit all money spent. Pro Card winners will become OCB Professional Athletes ( OCB Pro) after passing a urinalysis.  Urinalysis results are sent to athletes by mail.  Purchase this membership by 8/1! 

Show Fees:

Early bird entry beginning 1/15 $50 initial entry, $45 crossover

Entry fee beginning 3/15 is $75 initial entry and $60 crossover through 6/1

Entry fee after 6/1 is $75 per entry through 7/1

Entry fee after 7/1 is $85 per entry.  Entry beginning 8/1 is $100 per entry 

Registration Closes 8/4 No exceptions!

Categories of Competition

Bikini, Figure, Men's Physique, Classic Physique, Bodybuilding

Divisions of Competition:

Novice:  If you have never placed first in any division in any org (unless you were the only competitor)
Teen:  Bikini (18-19) Bodybuilding (15-19), MP (15-19), Figure (17-19)
Masters:  Competitors aged 40+

Open:  For Pro Qualification (class winners will compete for overall. The overall winner is eligible for OCB Pro)

Heroes:  Military, Veterans, Fire, Law Enforcement, Parole,Probation,Corrections Officers

Scholars:  Intellectual or Creative Contributors to the Community (lawyers, doctors, volunteers, teachers, etc) 

Show Services

Book Your Room, Show Photos, Tan, Makeup, Hair, Suits all here: 

Awards and Stage Walks


*Top 5 placement in each class  

*Overall (Pro Card) Winners are awarded 34' Captain Swords!

*6" Tiaras for Women Pro Card Winners

Straight Through Format! We hope to be done by 4pm!

  • Stage Walks and Routines Are Optional. Competitors can choose regardless of their category which they would like to perform. Routines and Stagewalks are allotted 60 seconds. 

Competitors must email your music (the actual file via MP4) by 8/5 to


Feel Free to Contact Us via Email at